Tera Luxembourg


“Dirty Games”, textile pieces inspired by television serial drama, “Twin Peaks.”
Collar, cuffs and buttons
Drawing, Disperse dye print, Embroidery, Crochet knitting







Artist Statement

In Dirty Games, I research a cycle of conversions. I explore how my emotions, inspirations and visions transform into action, then are embodied in a physical object that can be experienced through the viewer’s senses.

My work reflects Twin Peaks’ layered motifs of mystery, death, love and lies, secrets, sins, dark North American landscapes, sensuality and sexuality, and the enigma of women. Black print on white fabric represents the dark and brighter aspects of human nature; even the light, here, represents the ambassador of death. Gold thread symbolizes Royalty, the Alchemy of Transformation. Hand drawings and manual paper collages converted to disperse dye prints on fabric were covered with a layer of machine embroidery, croсhet knitting and combined with vintage jewelry pieces.