Sophia Magdalena

Vertical Tunnel
Wool, wood; experimental weave structures




My Desires Augmenting Exponentially
Cotton/rayon, plastic beads; crochet


 Artist Statement

My work is process driven and seeks obsessive compulsion. If I cannot stop doing something, I know I am on the right track. My brain and my hands innately understand textile processes, and when I am immersed in them I come to a place of deep intellectual clarity.
By experimenting with repetitive techniques in unusual ways, systems emerge that make profound sense to me. I devise and perfect these systems and then carry them out methodically, obsessively.
Through this experimentation, I discover links between process and issues that relate to me – desire, identity, feminism, art history…
Weaving, embroidery and crochet – manipulations of string – hold powerful semiotic symbolism to me. Medium is always the message in my work, because they are as interdependent as cloth and thread.