Darlene Ochotta

Now Then
23″ x 38″
Hand embroidery, needle felted wool, inkjet printed cotton on wool felt, tree branch




Living Colour
42″ x 46”
Screen printed resist dyed cotton, felted wool, assorted fabric, thread, linen fibre, wood




Drowned World
13″ x 17″
Wool, inkjet printed cotton, monofilament, wood frame




Artist Statement

In this series of projects I am exploring a particular piece of Kitsilano, Vancouver with respect to past, present and future.

The qualities that characterize a particular place are always unique to it and I am interested in understanding how we see, know and experience them. Even the most banal suburban landscape has a history worth delving into and an understanding of the particularities of “place” can enrich the act of living there.

Now Then juxtaposes the past and present—the coastal condition of predevelopment Kitsilano with the contemporary street grid. This was the habitat of a wide variety of spawning fresh- and salt-water fish as well as all the diversity supported by a coastal rainforest. The trees were felled and the streams filled in early in the twentieth century to provide land for housing.

Untitled is a present day map using the blocks removed from Now Then. It considers the visual character as well as the variety and complexity of daily life in the neighbourhood.

Lastly, the tapestry considers an imagined future with the flooding of this coastal neighbourhood—the streets deeply buried by the sea, the fish returning.